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Guests tonight at Hive13: United States Pirate Party Support Tour

October 21st, 2009 Comments off

Let’s introduce the Pirate Party in their own words:

The United States Pirate Party is a non-profit Political Action Committee, promoting reform of digital rights management, patent, and copyright laws; we also push for government transparency and the right to privacy. As we are strong proponents of open source software, creative commons, opencourseware, and the free flow of information, we believe there are concerns you have that the Pirate Party would love to hear.” -Bethany Jolly, Records Officer

From their web site:

The US Pirate Party Support Tour is a collection of volunteers that are actively preforming recruitment and support services to the National Pirate Party.  Much of this work is done by traveling around and hitting conventions, conferences, and other social events.  We hope to eventually be able to coordinate the support tours to preform support services for individual candidates and campaigns, wherever they are, in order to bolster local volunteers.  The creation of state level parties, for example, require many thousands of signatures to get ballot access.. not to mention the labor required to actually get some votes.  Dozens of assistants willing to come into a community and help with these kinds of tasks can be all the difference in the world.

Ryan, Bethany, and friends from the Pirate Party will be stopping by Hive13 tonight around 7pm to meet the group, see the space, and talk about issues you believe their PAC can and should address.  You can read more about the Pirate Party movement on their web site,

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Friday night project: windowmatrix

October 21st, 2009 1 comment

After our regular weekly meeting last night, Dave Menninger mentioned on the way out the door an idea he’d been kicking around: wiring up LEDs in the 5×7 glass block window above the entrance to the hive. Enthusiasm was expressed, and several of us came back in put together some tests with a couple of LEDs.

This was deemed a great success, and the project brainstorming quickly escalated from a simple 8×7 array of single color LEDs to a full color display capable of video. The video part we will hold for phase 2.

So, this Friday, we will be building phase 1 of the Hive13 windowmatrix. How capable it will be depends on just what parts we are able to procure by Friday.

Stay tuned…

update: The rainbowduino LED controller board has arrived – thanks to Great customer service from NKC Electronics – I can definitely vouch for that!

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October 13th, 2009 Comments off

One project that was used for the passcode challenge is called the Zen PIN.  The problem is people who shoulder surf can see your PIN on a keypad system.  So a fun and simple solution is to have the user memorize an algorithm instead of a PIN number.  For a Proof-of-concept the Zen PIN was developed that uses three lights.  The user enters a random PIN and the system then generates an internal random PIN.  It then blinks certain lights to indicate if the next number is greater or less than the one last pressed.  The user follows these visual clues to "unlock" the keypad.  In the PoC this just lights up the green light and plays a "good" tone.

Zen PIN Inside of ZenPIN

You can take any type of spin with this.  Such as, using multi-colored LED buttons that randomly display a color and the user knows to always press to the left of the "orange" button.  Etc.

For more information on this project see the wiki

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Equus Horse Heads

October 8th, 2009 1 comment

Several weeks ago Hive13 volunteered to help out a local theater company known as New Edgecliff Theatre.  They were preparing for the Equus play.  They built several horse heads.  A 3-dimensional and 5 2-dimensional ones.  Our task was to make it so the horse head eyes would glow red via a switch.  Fairly simple except we had approximately 24 hours to do it and radio shack only had a few coin battery holders.  We also needed to make our own defuzers for the eyes.  We made the 3D defuzer with extra vending bubbles and we used a $4 air filter for the rest.  Once we ran out of battery coin holders we hacked a paperclip version which worked great :D

Paperclip holder frontPaperclip holder side

Here are some pics of the finished horse heads

3D Horse head on PaulAll heads lit

This play has been selling out and has recieved many acculades: [1], [2], [3].  This play is still going on so be sure to catch it!

For more info on the project see the wiki

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Installfest at UC on Wed 10/14

October 7th, 2009 Comments off

The University of Cincinnati Laboratory for Recreational Computing is hosting their quarterly Installfest next Wednesday, 10/14 from Noon til 10pm on campus.  These events are a great time to get introduced to not only Linux and open source software but to your local Linux community members.  You can both get help running Linux or offer your expertise to your peers!  The event is open to both students and the general public.

Check out the details here including confirmation for the exact building & room where the Installfest will be held.

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