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Friday night project: windowmatrix

October 21st, 2009

After our regular weekly meeting last night, Dave Menninger mentioned on the way out the door an idea he’d been kicking around: wiring up LEDs in the 5×7 glass block window above the entrance to the hive. Enthusiasm was expressed, and several of us came back in put together some tests with a couple of LEDs.

This was deemed a great success, and the project brainstorming quickly escalated from a simple 8×7 array of single color LEDs to a full color display capable of video. The video part we will hold for phase 2.

So, this Friday, we will be building phase 1 of the Hive13 windowmatrix. How capable it will be depends on just what parts we are able to procure by Friday.

Stay tuned…

update: The rainbowduino LED controller board has arrived – thanks to Great customer service from NKC Electronics – http://www.nkcelectronics.com/ I can definitely vouch for that!

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