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Guests tonight at Hive13: United States Pirate Party Support Tour

October 21st, 2009

Let’s introduce the Pirate Party in their own words:

The United States Pirate Party is a non-profit Political Action Committee, promoting reform of digital rights management, patent, and copyright laws; we also push for government transparency and the right to privacy. As we are strong proponents of open source software, creative commons, opencourseware, and the free flow of information, we believe there are concerns you have that the Pirate Party would love to hear.” -Bethany Jolly, Records Officer

From their web site:

The US Pirate Party Support Tour is a collection of volunteers that are actively preforming recruitment and support services to the National Pirate Party.  Much of this work is done by traveling around and hitting conventions, conferences, and other social events.  We hope to eventually be able to coordinate the support tours to preform support services for individual candidates and campaigns, wherever they are, in order to bolster local volunteers.  The creation of state level parties, for example, require many thousands of signatures to get ballot access.. not to mention the labor required to actually get some votes.  Dozens of assistants willing to come into a community and help with these kinds of tasks can be all the difference in the world.

Ryan, Bethany, and friends from the Pirate Party will be stopping by Hive13 tonight around 7pm to meet the group, see the space, and talk about issues you believe their PAC can and should address.  You can read more about the Pirate Party movement on their web site, http://pirate-party.us/

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