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Hive13: Epic 2009

January 12th, 2010 3 comments

Hive13 has come a long way since April of 2009.

Our first and foremost accomplishment has been coming into existence. In a very short time a motivated group of hackers was able to get organized and acquire a space. Our very first hackerspace meeting when we were all strangers was on April 25, 2009 at the Panera in Clifton. We signed a lease for our space in the Anchor Building as the Hive13 corporation starting on July 1, 2009.

Right away upon getting our space we started making improvements and have been continually improving the space since that time. We installed insulation / sound-proofing all around the outside of the apartment that is directly above Hive13.

We finally got our own internet connection to the space and set up a wireless network. We ran networking cables to key areas all around the space and set up our switches in a nice server rack in the “server room”.


We also installed new door locks with keypads so we can allow our members access to the space without endless key copying.

We brought a pop machine and a snack machine in so we can buy snacks and drinks while we’re hacking the night away.

2009-10-13 23.17.47.jpg

We set up a webcam so we can see what’s going on at the space while we’re away.

We’ve also improved the spaces facilities in terms of tools. We’ve acquired through purchase and donation a very decent set of tools. We have an array of soldering irons including a nice digital soldering iron. We have an oscilloscope on loan. We have a few power tools, including a nice drill press.

In addition to making the space awesome, our members have been involved in many many awesome projects ranging from several autonomous vehicles to laser graffiti to distributed computing clusters.

We built a Makerbot and are using it to make all kinds of objects including more RepRap machines.


We’re building a big grid of LED’s to light up a glass block wall in our bathroom.

Glass Block Display (outside)

We’ve got several MAME cabinet projects ongoing.

We helped out a local theater group with some electronic props for the play Equus.

One of our members designed and had manufactured a new and improved RepRap-compatible stepper motor driver board.

We went on a fun field trip to Mendelson’s in Dayton and Entertrainment Junction in Mason.

We’ve had several different classes including ones on Blender, Python, and Basic Electronics.

We’ve designed a number of logos and art and made t-shirts and business cards.

2009-09-09 03.02.37.jpg

We’ve hosted several meetings of our local 2600 club.

We’ve had a music video filmed at our space.

2009-12-05 10.48.57.jpg

We’ve had several fund-raising and just-for fun parties at the hackerspace.

When I look back, I’m really impressed. This post just scratches the surface of all the awesome stuff going on at Hive13. I don’t know if any of us thought we could get this much done in only about 6 months. That makes me really excited to see how far we can go in 2010.

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