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HIVE13 has procured a brand-new MIG welder

It’s like Christmas in July!  The HIVE’s new MIG welder has arrived.  DaveB trucked it over and set it up on the cart just today.

HIVE13 is the proud owner of  a brand-new Millermatic 211 Auto-Set w/MVP (link) with the M-100 Gun (link).

This is serious equipment.  Electric shock can kill.  Hot parts can burn.  Fumes and gases can be hazardous.  Arc rays can burn eyes and skin.  Welding can cause fire or explosion.  Flying metal or dirt can injure eyes.  Build-up of gas can injure or kill.  Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) can affect implanted medical devices.  Noise can damage hearing.  Cylinders can explode if damaged, etc.   Only qualified persons should install, operate, maintain, and repair this unit.

Does this new tool sound like as much fun to you as it does to us?

Stay tuned and drop by to see developments progress as the experienced HIVE welders and prudently cautious implementers make preparations to enable eager newbies to learn to weld safely with appropriate precautions.

HIVE13 is the place to join to learn new skills and use new equipment to make things.

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