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A Magic Blue Smoke Merit Badge Award

Member Matt Starbuck bravely displays the “Magic Blue Smoke” merit badge awarded to him for his efforts at HIVE13 yesterday afternoon.

His promotion into the Benevolent Order of the Magic Blue Smoke (BOMBS) was made possible through the ultimate sacrifice of the ATMEGA32U4 chip on the Teensy 2.0 board in the LED persistence of vision staff he was developing.  In his own words, “VCC was not connected to anything, GND was connected, and I put 3.7V or so directly into one of the ADC pins with the Teensy powered off.  That pin is a direct short to ground in powered-down mode.  I failed to add the 4.7Mohm in line with it, which would have prevented the meltdown.”

The release of MBS was confirmed by two full-member eye witnesses at the time of the occurrence. “Yep, smells like MBS to me,” said one.  “I love the smell of MBS in the afternoon,” said the other, with a tear in her eye.

HIVE13 congratulates Matt for the new found knowledge that he has acquired.  In the trial-and-error development world, we all know there is no gain without pain.  We celebrate failures because we learn from them and they are just the stepping stones that come before the final victory.

Full disclosure and shameless plug – HIVE13 acquired a seed quantity of MBS merit badges via a grant marketing initiative by our friends at Adafruit (link), where you can also get more Teensy boards.  Imagine that.

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