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Faux Bee-A’nt Fair: Circuit Bending Workshop

March 7th, 2011 2 comments

Saturday March 12
1:00-3:00pm CMKT 4 Workshop
A Circuit bending workshop will be hosted by the infamous CMKT 4! The Class is $20 which includes the price of a kit called “The Bending Buddy” that CMKT 4 will help you build

3:00-6:00pm OPEN BENDING!
Experienced circuit benders will be on site with toys and the electronics components you need to create authentic circuit bends. Come join us in the process of circuit bending and discover the ability to create your own sonic universe.

Alex Deepa, founder of will be selling many of his kits Such as>> The Atari Punk Console, 4017 Sequencer, the Doomsday kit, and the Lofi Fuzz kit!

After the workshops, join us for a night of circuit bent music and installations at the Mockbee 2660 Central Parkway. 8:00pm

SHOWS @ The Mockbee $5
Doors open at 8:00

8:00 Talking Computron
9:00 Reed Ghazala Film Screening & Odor Box Instllation
9:45 Hearts of Palm
10:30 Pelzwik & Dinger
11:00 Thriftsore Boratorium’s Drone Dome
11:30 Hardon Collider
12:00 CMKT4

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