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Chalk Board ready for use

September 7th, 2011 Comments off

Last night Jon and a visitor to the hackerspace, Al, spent a good amount of time working on getting this set up.  It is now securely mounted to the wall and thanks to Jon we have an assortment of chalk waiting to be used for your drawing and diagramming pleasure.  The chalkboard came from a member of Ars Clan who  offered the chalkboard to us over a year ago.  Pickup coordination fell through several times, however a month or two ago the chalkboard arrived in all its glory.

*Note* While we have plenty of chalk, we appear to be missing erasers… We should probably rectify this situation.




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Laser cut print block

August 10th, 2011 Comments off

Hodapp’s laser cut business cards are really cool, but they take ~7 minutes each to etch and cut out.  I was curious if perhaps we could instead etch a business card stamp and use that to mass produce some business cards.

I did some research and found out that while Linoleum print blocks would be safe to etch, many cheaper print blocks are no longer made from true Linoleum, instead they are made with a cheaper PVC plastic.  With that in mind I stopped at a couple hobby stores and picked up a variety of print blocks.

The first one I tested was the one I was most doubtful of, a greyish flexible substance which looked suspiciously like a PVC plastic.  The burn tests were not very conclusive, there was no solid bright green flame, but there were spurts of green flame.  It was enough that I did not want to risk it.

The second material tested is pictured above and it came through the burn test without any issues and it looked like pictures I had seen of real linoleum with a glue backing.

Using the B/W gradient pattern that Hodapp created I did several test runs to determine how much power would be needed to get a good depth.  I also shamelessly stole the Hive13 logo from his project file.

The first result turned out pretty well except for a couple mundane details:

As you can see I forgot to mirror the image, and the thin line that goes around the 1 & 3 is too thin to survive stamping more than once or twice.  It still stamped pretty well though:

For attempt #2 I mirrored the image and used Gimp to beef up the outline.  Since I was in a rush I did not really try to make it have a super smooth outline after “growing” the perimeter of the logo.  This resulted in a rather pixelated border.

Total cut time per stamp was ~30 minutes, but could probably be sped up by optimizing the cut power // speed.  Also I think this stamp a fairly large stamp and smaller ones would obviously be faster to cut out.

Final stamping action:

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Hive13 Laser Class 7/18

July 18th, 2011 Comments off

This is a reminder that the 2nd Hive13 Laser class is happening tonight at the hackerspace.

Even if you are currently signed off on using the laser, if you have not attended the class I strongly recommend you do so.  Our previous “certification” of just showing each other what we knew was haphazard and incomplete.  Each time I talk with another one of the operators it seems that one of us is showing the other one something new about the laser cutter.  I think the class would be an excellent time for us to get together and share our individual knowledge.

*Note* For now the class is only open to Hive13 Members and there is no registration page.

Plan for the class is there will be a presentation giving an overview of the laser and how to run it.  Then there will be a hands on portion where each person will go through the steps for cutting on a project from turning the laser on to cutting something out.

Each participant in the class will be cutting out the Adafruit spirograph.

What: Hive13 Laser Class
Where: Hive13 Hackerspace
When: 7:30 pm 7/18/2011
Cost: $20, People who helped fund the laser purchase can take the class for free.

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New Workbenches!

February 17th, 2011 2 comments

Sexy, Sexy work bench with the sexy Chris Davis.

Special thanks to Dave B, Jason, Chris Davis, and all of the other people who have been working hard to help construct additional workspaces for the hackerspace.

The workbench to the right of this post was built from plans purchased by Jason.  It has wheels that can be raised and lowered easily.  When the wheels are raised up the workbench provides a very stable surface to work on.

Dave B Workbench

One of our newer members Dave Blundell donated a workbench and Chris Davis assisted him in moving it to Hive13.  It is a very solid workbench with two shelves under it.  It has a vise mounted on it and pegboard behind it.  Since the picture was taken we have moved the drill press onto it and mounted a couple power strips on the wall behind it.

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Hive13 Glass Block Window Project

December 2nd, 2010 1 comment

Glass block display in progressAt Hive13 we have a 5′ × 5′ glass block wall/window in our space and the first thing we thought of when we saw it was a 7 × 8 pixel grid.

We want to build a programmable full color, lo-res display using RGB LEDs.

To do this we obivously need LEDs – lots of LEDs. The brighter the better.

We could use these nice ShiftBrite modules, but we’d really rather go all out and get the ShiftBrite’s big brother – the MegaBrite.

ShiftBrites are about $3.50 each and MegaBrites are about $7.75 each. And we need 56 of them. We’ll also need some cabling to connect them all up. The cables are about $1.50 each too. Finally, we’ll need a a good power supply to power it all; that could be as much as $100.


($3.50 + $1.50) * 56 = $280

($7.75 + $1.50) * 56 = $518

All told, we’re going to need somewhere between $300 – $700 to do this. We’re shooting for $400 here. If we go over and get to $700, awesome. If we only get to $300, we’ll make do. Any funds raised here, but not used, will go directly to the Hive13 general fund.

Here’s the stuff on our shopping list:




Here’s the project page with our progress and prototypes so far:

Click here to lend your support to: Hive13 Glass Block LED Window Matrix and make a donation at !

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