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Another Great Lock Workshop!

February 13th, 2011 Comments off

Schuyler Towne is coming back to Hive13!!  Last time when Schuyler came we had a fantastic class on lockpicking.  Schyler showed some great cut-aways on some very fancy locks and then gave the whole class locks to take apart and pick.  This time we are going to change it up a bit.  We are doing TWO topics!

Lock Forensics & The Great Lock Controversy of 1851

The Hive has been planning on kicking off a forensic workshop on lockpicking and what better way to do that than when Schuyler is in town :D  Lock forensics is dedicated to the science and study of forensic locksmithing:

  • Determine method of entry
  • Identify tool marks and techniques
  • Determine skill level of attacker(s)
  • Preserve, collect, and protect evidence
  • Maintain a clean forensic workspace
  • Organize and write investigative reports

We have all this AND the story of 1851.  You don’t want to miss this!

Date: Feb. 21st

Time: 6pm-10pm

Cost: Free and open to the public!

The schedule will probably be fairly relaxed.  At 6-ish we will start organizing for the forensic workshop and between 7-7:30 Schuyler will present The Great Lock Controversy of 1851.  Then we will hang out and geek out to locks.

UPDATE: Schuyler will also be stopping by Dayton Diode on Tuesday.  So if you live in Dayton or can’t make Mondays meeting at the Hive then head to the Dayton Diode space:

Open Workshop – Sumobots

February 8th, 2011 Comments off

Hi Everybody!

We are having an open workshop on February 16th from 7-9 (or later).  Open workshops are just times where somebody has decided to open the hive for open projects to be worked on.  Whoever hosts an open workshop gets to also set a theme.  You don’t have to work on a project with the theme but if you are interested in said theme, then feel free to come on down and participate!

This workshop is hosted by Craig Smith and the theme is the upcoming sumobot competition.  We will be working on all the agenda items for the event.  Things like: logistics, party planning, poster artwork, building sumo rings, building sumobots, kinect sumobot hacking, whatever you can think of.

There will be many other sumobot meetings.  This is just the kick off meeting for the event.

Mark you calendars: Feb 16th, 7-9pm

No sign-up or fee, just show up.

Prepare your Warmachine!

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

Hive13 is having a Sumobot Competition on April 16th from 6pm-9pm!  Everyone is welcome to either compete or just show up to watch.  We will be teaming up with our friends at Cincinnati Fitness Boxing so we can bring you the sumobot tournament from inside a real boxing ring!!  (Cincy was out of spare sumo rings, sue me)

Hive13 Sumobot WarmachinesFor more information visit the wiki page.  We want to give all the competitors plenty of notice so they can have plenty of time to test out their crazy ideas.  If you want to compete use the signup form at

We are still looking for donations that we can use for prizes for this competition.  Email if you or your company has something they can contribute.

More info will be posted later.

Hive13 Locksport Workshop

December 6th, 2010 Comments off

Come join us as we start up our (hopefully) regular Locksport workshops.  Locksport is competitive lockpicking.  From the Locksport International website:

“Locksport features a need for knowledge and understanding of how the things around us work.  When you consider a lock mechanism, you will need snap judgment when considering the lock’s difficulty, the best tool, and the most viable approach. When it comes time to explore the innerworkings of the mechanism, it is only the slightest of touches and the most deft moves that will guide you.”

As a special honor we will have Schuyler Towne of Open Locksport fame kick off our first Locksport workshop!  At The Next HOPE conference in NYC, NY in 2010, Towne won the Locksport Wizard contest.  He also had the now famous kickstarter project when trying to raise $6,000 to create a set of custom open lockpicks he ended up raising over $87,000.

When: December 14th, starting around 7pm

If you have a set of lockpicks you will need to bring them.  There will be some to share.  We will not have any lockpicks available for sale either.

Android Dev 101 Sold Out

December 5th, 2010 Comments off

Android Development 101 class has been sold out.  I’ve had some requests to be put on a backup list if anybody drops out of class.  Eventbrite will probably show an opening if somebody drops out but we are currently NOT doing an official wait list.  We are however going to have another android development class sometime early 2011 for those who can not attend this class.  We know the class size is small but we feel that this is a good thing…we just need to have more classes :)

For those who are going to be attending this class, emails will go out as we get closer the the date of the class.  Teaser:  You will be making an app that you can use while drunk to assist in drunk txting your friends … hehe