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International Tabletop day at Hive13 this Saturday, March 30th

March 27th, 2013 Comments off

The big day is upon us!

I will be arriving at the Hive around 1pm and I’ll bring a couple of versions of Fluxx (Regular, Zombie, and Pirate), Small World, and a couple of version of Ticket to Ride.

Bring your games and your friends to Hive13 Saturday afternoon and we’ll form groups to play games.

If you don’t have a game to bring, come anyway and play one of the multitude that will be on hand.

If you don’t want to play games, come anyway, because if you don’t play games, the terrorists win.

Hive13 is located at 2929 Spring Grove Ave. in Camp Washington. You can find maps and other details here.

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#lifeiscrime Hive13 Landmark

September 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Recently at last weekends PAX event a new game called Life is Crime was announced.  It is a mobile game that takes your GPS location and uses that to build a virtual world overlaid on the real one.  Using this virtual world you then can go on crime sprees, have gangs, sell drugs, etc.  It’s kind of like Mafia wars meets foursquare.  You just need to ask yourself…while waiting in line would you rather ‘check-in’ or go on a crime spree?

I’ve been playing this game for less than a week but I can already tell you I’m addicted.  I realized I was addicted when I was robbing a bunch of local stores while my wife shopped and checked nearby activity. Down the road I saw somebody had taken over a UDF and a Bank.  When my wife got back in the car I told her I wanted to make a quick stop.  I then found this location, pulled in and preceded to take over the turf.  If you like GTA or any of the gangster style games you must check this game out.

After helping out on the forums a bit the super friendly people at Red Robot created Hive13 as a Cincinnati Landmark!  That’s right!  If you head over to the Hive right now you can deal contraband and rob tourists (In the game of course…hehe)  I love the idea of Hive13 being featured in a game!  So swing by sometimes, my R2 name is “zombie”

Game homepage:

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