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HAM Radio License course Saturday, Jan. 14th 2012

January 1st, 2012 Comments off

Have you always wanted to get your Ham operators license? Well here is your chance!

On Saturday, January 14th, Hive13 hosting a HAM radio class to get your HAM license. This is an all day class plus the technical licensing test at the end. A week or two after passing your exam you will get your call sign from the FCC.

This class requires a study guide, The AARL Ham Radio License Manual, isbn# 0872590976. For the $30 signup the book is included. If you wish to purchase the book ahead of time then you can sign up for $15. You will need the book to take this class.

Click here to register.

for unnecessarily detailed directions to the space, please click here.

Oh, amateur radio dad, you are so judgemental!

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