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SMT Hand soldering 101

February 10th, 2011 1 comment

We will be hosting a SMT Hand soldering class at the Hive on Wednesday March 2nd at 7pm.  Goal for the class is to cover simple, easy to do (with a steady hand) techniques and materials used for soldering common SMT packages WITH
LEADS.  NO BGA.  NO QFN.  (i.e. nothing with “blind” pads underneath the device that need soldered – can’t do that well without reflow IMHO)

resistors, capacitors down to 0402 (I’m not good enough to do 0201 by hand consistently)
connectors (mini USB, ethernet, etc.)

This covers 90% of the MCUs, transitors/FETs and passive components commonly used by enthusiasts.  We will most likely be building AMP kits that you will be able to take home after the class.  Seats are extremely limited for this class but if it sells out we plan on having this class again.

Date: 3/2/2011  Time: 7pm-9pm

Register for SMT Hand soldering 101 in Cincinnati, OH  on Eventbrite

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Learn to Solder, Build a Mintyboost!

April 27th, 2010 6 comments

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics of soldering, now’s your chance.  Hive13 is offering a basic introductory course to teach individuals who have never picked up a soldering iron how to solder, or to get people up to speed who don’t feel like they’re any good at it. This class is focused on basic through-hole soldering, not surface mount.

To that end, we’ll be building a MintyBoost!


What: Introduction to Soldering Class
When: 8pm Tuesday, May 18 2010
Where: 2929 Spring Grove Ave
Cost: $20 per person
Kit: Includes MintyBoost kit, does not include soldering iron, solder, rechargeable batteries, Altoids Tin.

The class will be on Tuesday, May 18th at 8pm after the business meeting, and will last about an hour or two. If the class gets extended due to students having difficulty with their projects, it will continue the following Tuesday at 8pm, after the business meeting.

The cost is $20 per person – this is for the MintyBoost kit.  Please don’t order your own as we will be making a bulk order for the class.  We still have spots available so if you’re interested in attending please stop by Hive13 for the meeting tonight (4/27) to register!

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