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Hive13CNC progress

March 23rd, 2011 1 comment

A quick status update on the CNC / stepper board:

Following parts came together Voltron style after this evening’s meeting:
  • Stepper test rig, which has 3 stepper motors and 3 Hive13 driver boards mounted on it. [Jim, James]
  • Opto-isolated parallel port breakout board [Paul]
  • Various power supplies [Paul, me]
  • Desktop PC [Dave B]
  • Irresponsible lack of sleep [Dave M, me]
So, we now have a setup with a PC driving 3 stepper motors successfully!
Currently it is running EMC2 using the LinuxCNC distribution, but no worries Jim, the machine has an XP license so as soon as we have Windows install media handy it will dual boot to run Mach3.
This is about 90% of the electronics for a CNC. Missing is an ESTOP button, home / limit switches, and random wiring.

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